Kornerupine Earrings; Genuine Untreated Tanzania Kornerupine; 2.215cts

Precio de venta$150.00


This is a beautiful and very rare Green/Blue Kornerupine from Tanzania set in Sterling Silver. This unique and uncommon stone has a nice mix of greens and teal with great luster. It does have some inclusions, but doesn't take away from the overall beauty. Kornerupine due to its rarity is considered a collectors gem especially when they are blue and purple and is a handful of gemstones that may have pleochroism qualities (multi coloring). T

These nicely sized 7mm x 5mm oval Kornerupine weigh 2.215cts and will go nicely with many different styles or occasions! They will also go great with a number of our gemstone pendants located in our Gemstone Pendant Section of our shop!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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