Mali Garnet Pendant; Natural Untreated Mali Garnet; 0.705cts

Chain Type: No Chain
Precio de venta$80.00


This is an absolutely stunning Grossular/Andradite Garnet from Mali set in Sterling Silver! Gossular and Andradite mixed Garnets are one of the rarest types of Garnets that form in a variety of colors with the Mali stones being one of the highest quality and most sought after for their distinct and brighter colors. This stone has a great yellow color with great brilliance and luster!

Garnet is January's Birthstone.

This smaller sized 6mm x 4.5mm oval cut Garnet weighs 0.705 cts and will go with any style or occasion and will be sure to make people look your way!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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