Anthill Garnet Ring; Natural Untreated Arizona Pyrope Garnet

Ring size: 5
Sale price$100.00


This is a beautiful Red Pyrope Garnet from Arizona, USA set in Sterling Silver! These aren't just your ordinary Garnets though, they are specially mined by ANTS!!! Yes, ants, the 6 legged insects that invade houses and destroy yards! In Arizona, as they are building their "anthills" they move the Garnets through their tunnels and just throw them out! They are considered to be one of the top quality types of red garnets with very deep reds and purples and great clarity and luster! You will not be disappointed by these extremely unique and amazing gemstones!

Garnet is also the birthstone for January.

This tiny yet bold 4mm Round Cut Garnet weighs 0.250 carats and will go great with any style or occasion. See our many matching earrings and pendants located in our shop!

Anthill Garnets have seen drastic price increases over the past several years as they are getting more difficult to find.

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