Blue Garnet Earrings; Genuine, Untreated and Extremely Rare Madagascar Blue Garnet; 0.460cts

Sale price$250.00


This is an absolutely stunning and extremely rare pair of Blue Garnets from Madagascar set in Sterling Silver! These Garnets are 100% NATURAL and untreated!!! Blue Garnets were thought to never exist until this small mine was discovered that yields these phenomenal stones! These stones have excellent luster, clarity, and even have a slight color shift quality changing from the blue/green color to a purple/pink color!!

Garnet is also January's Birthstone.

These tiny yet bold 4mm x 3mm Blue Garnets weigh 0.460 carats are set in a unique 6 prong earring setting and will go great with a lot of styles and occasions. The color change phenomenon will surely catch the eye of everyone and you will not be disappointed! Check out our Gemstone Pendants to find a close match to go with the earrings!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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