Boulder Opal Sterling Silver Pendant; Genuine Untreated Australia Opal

Chain Type: No Chain
Sale price$185.00


This a stunning and unique Boulder Opal from Australia inside its matrix set in Sterling Silver! This Opal is very unique because it has been cut and molded inside of its matrix or host stone and has very defined blue striping with purples, teals green and yellow colors depending on how the light hits it, some colors will show better than others. The matrix rock which has been cut in cabochon form also has a very nice color to it making this pendant truly beautiful! You will not be not be disappointed with this amazing and one-of -a-kind Jewelry piece! An Opal's pattern is a one of a kind pattern that will not be duplicated, which makes each earring or pendant very unique and one of a kind!

Opal is also October's Birthstone!

This larger sized 14mm x 12.5mm oval Opal weighs an astonishing 9.10cts and will go great with any style or occasion and will go great with any of our Ethiopian Opal Earrings.

This Pendant comes with your choice of having no chain provided or any 18" Chain.

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