Danburite Sterling Silver Earrings; Genuine Untreated Mexican Danburite; Danburite Dangles

Sale price$550.00


These are an absolutely stunning pair of Danburite from Charcas, Mexico set in Sterling Silver!! These stones have the shine, brilliance and fire of Diamonds for fractions of the cost with amazing luster and flawless clarity! You will not be disappointed!!

Danburite is a lesser known stone that is rarer to find in faceting grade and is also considered a collector stone!

These very large 22mm x 10mm Clear Marquise Danburite stones weigh 15.750cts and will go great with any style, occasion and color!!! The perfect neutral stone!! They would go great with any of our pendants located in our Gemstone Pendant section if our store!

If you have any questions, please fell free to ask!

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