Fire Agate Pendant; Natural Untreated USA Fire Agate

Chain Type: No Chain
Sale price$110.00


This is an absolutely gorgeous and interesting Fire Agate from the Slaughter Mountain Mine in Arizona, USA set in Sterling Silver! Fire Agate is a mostly brown stone that illuminates different color swirls when the light hits it just right. This particular Fire Agate even though dark in color, displays a gorgeous blend of golds, reds, greens, oranges, yellows and rare blues and purple! It is a rarer gem that is highly sought after by collectors, you will not be disappointed in this beautiful piece!!!

With Fire Agate, the brighter and more varieties there are of colors drastically changes the pricing of each stone. With this stone many of the colors can still be seen in dull indoor lighting and really illuminates in bright sunlight.

This nicely sized 13mm X 10mm Fire Agate weighs 4.260cts and will go with any style or occasion! It can be a statement piece or even a modest pendant for everyday wear!!

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