Hyalite Opal Earrings, Genuine Untreated Mexico Opals

Sale price$185.00


This is an extremely rare pair of Hyalite Opals from Mexico set in Sterling Silver! Hyalite Opals are a very unknown form of Opal that will change colors in lighting. In daylight, they will be a milky white/clear color and in UV lighting, they will glow a green color. When brought under the right UV lighting, they will glow a bright green color, it's truly amazing. You will not be disappointed in this collector piece!

Opal is also October's Birthstone!

These nicely sized 8mm x 6mm oval Cut Opals weigh 1.865 cts and will go great with any style or occasion. They will also go great with a variety of our Hyalite Opal Pendants!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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