Rwandan Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring, Genuine Untreated Amethyst; Amethyst Ring

Ring size: 5
Sale price$125.00


This is an absolutely stunning dark purple Rwandan Amethyst set in Sterling Silver. This particular Amethyst is a more recent find in the gemstone industry that yields stones that have incredible coloring and clarity. This particular stone has a fantastic and unique faceting that really makes the coloring stand out and when the light hits it just right, you will see flashes of blue and red inside the stone! Along with the great faceting, this amethyst has exceptional color, luster and fantastic clarity! You will not be disappointed!!

Amethyst is also February's birthstone. Rwandan Amethyst due to its bold colors and amazing quality has been seen spiking in prices over the past year, so this is one stone to have!

This nicely sized 7mm X 7mm Square Purple Amethyst weighs 1.610 carats would be considered a collection piece and has a very perfect shade that will go with any style of dress or occasion. It will also go along with a variety of our Amethyst earrings located in out earring sections of our shop!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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