Tourmaline and Fire Opal Sterling Silver Ring, Genuine Untreated Afghani Tourmaline and Opal; Tourmaline Ring; Fire Opal Ring

Ring size: 5
Sale price$200.00


This is a absolutely stunning light Seafoam Green/Blue Tourmaline from Afghanistan accented by two Fire Opals from Mexico set in Sterling Silver. This beautiful center stone has an amazing and rare light green/blue color with a fantastic cut, amazing luster and clarity! The two Fire Opal accents have a bright and defined orange color that accents the center Tourmaline beautifully, you will surely not be disappointed in this piece!!

Tourmaline is an awesome stone due to the fact that it comes in virtually every color! It is also a gemstone type that you will not find in most or any major Jewelry Stores!

This nicely sized 4mm Round Green/Blue Tourmaline weighs 0.345 carats with the two 3.25mm round Opals weighing 0.155cts will go great with most styles or occasions. The size of this ring is the perfect size for just about anyone, and due to the unique color and luster it will surely attract the eye of any onlookers!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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