Vesuvianite Sterling Silver Ring, Genuine Untreated Kenyan Idocrase

Ring size: 3 1/2
Sale price$200.00


This is an absolutely stunning Vesuvianite / Idocrase from Kenya set in Sterling Silver. This amazing stone has a unique dark green/yellow color that you will not see in many other gems that has a stunning brilliance to it when the light shine just right. This stone has the perfect colors and luster with minor insclusions but doesn't take away from its overall beauty!

Idocrase also known as Vesuvianite is a lesser known and a collector gem on the market. It has a complex chemical chemistry which leads to a large variety of properties and interesting yellow, green and brown combinations. It is a stone that is not seen frequently on the market or in jewelry which makes it a stone to own!

These nicely sized 7.25mm Round Idocrase weighs 1.90 cts and will go great with most styles or occasions and check out our matching Idocrase Earrings in our Gemstone Stud Earring Section!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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