Bixbite Earrings; Natural and Untreated USA Bixbite in Matrix; 1.705cts

Precio de venta$92.00


This is a stunning and natural Bixbite in Matrix from Utah, USA set in Sterling Silver! Bixbite or "Red Emerald" is the red version of gemstone class Beryl which includes Emeralds, Aquamarine, Morganite, Heliodor and Goshenite. Bixbite is one of the rarest gemstones on earth and are found only in the Wah Wah Mountains of Utah and are very sought after and ask for high prices. The actual crystals of this piece are too small to extract, so they were cut and polished with its host rock to give it a unique look. You will not be disappointed with these beauties!

This nicely sized and rare 7mm x 5mm oval Bixbite weigh 1.705cts and will go great with a lot of different styles or occasions.

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