Round and Oval Earring Sizing

This guide will show you what each millimeter sized Round Gemstone Earring (Faceted and Cabochon) and Oval Faceted Earrings will look like in the average ear. In each of our product listings, we will show a comparison to a U.S. dime as well. The sizes range from 3mm to 10mm Round Stud Earrings. 

3mm Faceted

4mm Faceted

4mm Cabochon

4.5mm Faceted

5mm Faceted

5mm Cabochon

6mm Faceted


6mm Cabochon

7mm Cabochon

8mm Faceted

8mm Cabochon

10mm Cabochon

6mm X 4mm Faceted

7mm X 5mm Faceted

8mm X 6mm Faceted


Ring Sizing

All of our rings can be sized from a 4US - 10US in half sizes. We can
do 1/4 sizes but we can't guarantee 100% accuracy with a size that
particular. Some rings can be sized down to a 3 and up to 11.5 as a
custom order.

3 - Custom Order

3.5 - Custom Order

4 - Any Ring

4.5 - Any Ring

5 - Any Ring

5.5 - Any Ring

6 - Any Ring

6.5 - Any Ring

7 - Any Ring

7.5 - Any Ring

8 - Any Ring

8.5 - Any Ring

9 - Any Ring

9.5 - Any Ring

10 - Any Ring

10.5 - Custom Order

11 - Custom Order

11.5 - Custom Order

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