Mozambique Garnet Sterling Silver Earrings; Genuine Untreated Garnet; Pyrope Garnet

Sale price$85.00


These are beautiful Red Garnets from Mozambique set in Sterling Silver! Mozambique Garnets are a mix of Pyrope and Almandine species and yield some of the top quality types of red garnets in thr world! These stone have very deep reds that rival some of the highest quality rubies with good clarity although you may see a few inclusions inside and luster accented beautifully by a bezel setting! You will not be disappointed with these beauties!

Garnet is also the birthstone for January.

These larger sized 9mm X 7mm Oval Cut Garnets weigh 3.85 carats and will go great with any style or occasion. See our many matching earrings and rings located in our shop!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

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