Ammolite Specimen; Genuine Canadian Ammolite

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This is an absolutely gorgeous yet modest Canadian Ammolite! The stone is considered a Triplet which means that the actual Ammolite stone is set between a shale backing and a quartz cap which is done to make the stone more durable. This particular stone has bright colors of dominant greens and oranges with reds, yellows, teal and a little blue. All these colors make the stone more valuable. This Ammolite has an incredible luster so the colors really stand out!!!! You will surely not be disappointed!!

Ammolites are considered to be the most colorful stones in the world having just about every color in the rainbow. Each particular stone is unique and you will not see any alike! These are also very rare stones that come from only one place in the world, the Canadian Rockies. So with the rarity of the stone and the many colors they can have makes this stone one to have in any collection!

This particular pear cut Ammolite weighs 13.515 carats and has a size oof 21mm X 16mm.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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