Dendritic Agate Sterling Silver Pendant; Genuine Untreated India Agate; Agate Necklace

Chain Type: No Chain
Sale price$98.00


This is a simple yet gorgeous Dendritic Agate from India set in Sterling Silver! Dendritic Agate is a type of stone with "inclusions" of dendrites which are small fern like pieces of iron, manganese or other metal oxides that create interesting and very unique patterns in the stone. Almost looking like marble, this Dendritic Quartz has a great luster and an extremely unique patterns, you will not be disappointed in this beauty!

This nicely sized 20mmX 15mm Oval Dendritic Agate weighs 12.14cts and will go great with many styles and occasions due to the neutral white color! Check out our Gemstone Stud Earrings and Cabochon Earring Section to find our matching earrings!

Choose between no chin with your pendant, an 18" Diamond Rope Chain or an 18" Snake Chain.

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