Kornerupine Earrings; Genuine Untreated Sri Lanka Kornerupine; 0.315cts

Sale price$68.00


This is a nice pair of very rare Kornerupine from Sri Lanka set in Sterling Silver. These unique and uncommon stones have a nice mix of a deep forest green with hints of brown in them along with a great luster. Kornerupine due to its rarity is considered a collectors gem and is a handful of gemstones that may have pleochroism qualities (multi coloring).

These tiny yet bold 3.25mm square Kornerupine weigh 0.315cts and will go nicely with many different styles or occasions! They will also go great with a number of our gemstone pendants located in our Gemstone Pendant Section of our shop!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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