Red Spinel Earrings; Natural and Untreated Burmese Spinel

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These are unique and beautiful Red Spinel from Burma set in Sterling Silver. These stones are in their rough form, which means it is exactly how it looks when it was mined from the earth! They are not a matched pair since they are not faceted, but they have a unique look to them which makes them desirable! Both stones have a very nice pink/red color to them and the rough pyramid shape makes them look great!

For the longest time, Red Spinel was confused and commonly mistaken as Rubies! Some of the most treasured Rubies throughout time actually wound up being Spinel!

These nicely sized 4mm rough Red Spinel weigh 1.020cts and are very unique and their coloring will go with most styles or occasions! These Earrings will also go great with some of our Ruby Pendants,feel free to check them out in our Gemstone Pendant Section of our shop!

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