Rhodolite Garnet Sterling Silver Earrings, Genuine Untreated Tanzanian Garnet; Rhodolite Earrings

Sale price$40.00


This is a beautiful pair of Rhodolite Garnets from Tanzania set in Sterling Silver! With a vibrant reddish/pink color and really nice cabochon cutting these stones have a nice classic look to them. Along with the great color, these stones have good luster and clarity accented nicely by a bezel setting! You will not be disappointed!!

Garnet is also the birthstone for January.

These stunning and larger sized 10mm X 8mm Pear Cut Rhodolite Garnets weigh 5.17 cts and will go great with many styles and occasions! Please take a look at out Gemstone Pendant Section of our shop to find a pendant that will match!

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