Star Sapphire Pendant; Genuine Untreated Sri Lanka Star Sapphire and Australia Sapphire

Chain Type: No Chain
Sale price$925.00


This is a stunning natural and untreated Padparadscha Star Sapphire from Sri Lanka accented by an Australia Parti Sapphire set in Sterling Silver. This amazing stone has a very unique and rare pink/peach color with a faint but defined 6 point star when the light shines perfectly on it, you will truly not be disappointed!!! With a Star Sapphire or any star gemstone, the brighter and more direct the light shines on the stone the better the star effect will be. This nicely sized round cabochon shape gives it a nice vintage look as well! Star Sapphires are very unique and are hard to find which makes them a great addition to any jewelry collection especially when they are untreated! The accent sapphire has a mix of blue/green/yellow with great clarity and luster to set of the Star Sapphire nicely.

Sapphire is the birthstone for September!

This nicely sized 8mm Peach Star Sapphire weighs 2.59cts with a 4.75mm round Sapphire weighing 0.535cts will go great with most styles or occasions. The size of these earrings are the perfect size for just about anyone!

A Cabochon gemstone is rounded and polished instead of having many facets.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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