Tourmaline Slice Gemstone Matched Pair; Genuine Untreated Madagascan Tourmaline

Sale price$180.00


This is an absolutely stunning matched pair of Bi-Color Tourmaline Slices! These particular Tourmaline gemstones has been mined in Madagascar and have great coloring with a majority of it being bluish/green with a perfect banded pink border. With these gems, the colors are very defined along with very good clarity for a Tourmaline slice which is very desirable and rare. Like most Sliced Tourmaline, there are visible inclusions in these stones, but they are very minimal but also makes them more unique!

This gorgeous and nicely sized 13mm X 13mm Tourmaline Slices weigh 5.04 carats and can be added to anyone's gemstone collection or be mounted in any style of jewelry, the choices are endless!

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